Tyler Rationale

January 13th, 2020

The Tyler Rationale has set a standard for Education for decades, and the basis of this curriculum structure is still used in schools today. The structure can be best described as a system that implements organization across all subjects that is value neutral, and focuses on education experiences that are primarily concerned with the final evaluation. Personally, I can think of many instances that I experienced aspects of the Tyler Rationale without even knowing what that was. For example, having a set schedule on a day to day basis, covering specific subjects on specific days, and learning about these subjects in a specific order applied to my schooling experience. Another example of an educational experience of mine that applies to the Tyler Rationale is the outer curriculum that involves social skills and learning how to be around people. This “curriculum” isn’t written anywhere, but has its own structure as well. Learning how to behave appropriately among dozens of socially diverse people is a skill that isn’t directly taught by teachers, but having boundaries and learning important values like respect and accountability are vital for each stage in life. I can think of many times as a young student where my teachers made sure I was using proper manners, respecting my classmates and other teachers, and making sure that I was putting in the necessary work to get my assignments done. 

The Tyler Rationale has aspects to it that are still put to use in schools today, but the limitations have great influence from the students themselves, and the teachers as well. It is largely the teacher’s responsibility to put their students in the best position possible to succeed, and not every student learns things the same way. This becomes problematic if the teacher becomes glued to the curriculum, and can’t make adjustments based off of the needs of their students. The curriculum has an excellent resource to make sure that students are meeting the necessary outcomes, but at times, slight adjustments to the way that material is being presented may be required in order for students to grasp the content.

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